For many women, especially those in advanced ages, the need for improving vaginal health for better sex life is usually great and intense. Vaginal health issues are common among all women; the young and the old alike. Some of these conditions include dryness, vaginal constriction, vaginal sagging, and odor/smelly vagina. It is worth noting that these conditions have a great negative impact on the sex life of a woman. Women suffering from vaginal health issues and problems find it hard to enjoy their sex lives.

Here are a few top ways of improving vaginal health:

Moisturize your vagina

Moisturize your vaginaVaginal dryness makes sex less enjoyable and painful. If your vagina is dry, you should use a moisturizer to remove the dryness. If the moisturizer does not seem to be efficient in removing the dryness, then you can consider using lubricants. However, it is important that you only use these products with the doctor’s advice and prescription. This is because there are some of these products that are poorly manufactured and can thus have severe health implications on the vagina.

Moreover, you can use a whitening cream that can help you attain a clean feeling down there.

Eat foods that nourish good vaginal health

There are certain day-to-day foods that are very efficient in promoting good vaginal health. These foods are such as leafy veggies like kale, fermented drinks like yoghurt, fruits such as garlic and plenty of water. Most of the foods that promote good vaginal health contain antimicrobial and antifungal properties. Conditions that affect vaginal health are mostly caused by bacteria and germs on the vaginal area. In addition to this, the conditions also come about as a result of low pH levels in the vagina. As such, it is advisable to take foods that will stabilize pH and enhance acidic conditions around the vaginal area.

Wear cotton undergarments

You shouldn’t wear just any type of undergarments as not all types are good for your vaginal area. Cotton undergarments are known to aerate the vagina while ensuring that they do not harbor germs that cause vaginal health issues. Gynecologists advice that cotton undergarments are the best since they are soft on the vagina and do not hinder the flow of air into and out of the vagina thereby enhancing a fresh smell in the vagina. When in the house, you can opt to stay without an undergarment to provide the vagina with a chance to breathe.

Practice safe sex

Practice safe sexVaginal health can also be impacted negatively by unsafe and unhealthy sex. If you or your partner is suffering from an infection such as UTI, it is advisable to abstain from sex or use an appropriate protection like a condom. In particular, condoms promote good vaginal health since they are usually lubricated and also maintain the pH levels around the vaginal area at their best levels. In addition to this, condoms provide ultimate protection against yeast infections, STDs, bacterial vaginosis, and UTIs.

Ideally, every woman should be deeply concerned about her vaginal health. Improving vaginal health for better sex life also helps in the self-cleaning mechanism of the vagina. This is whereby it secretes small discharge amounts to clean itself to prevent infections and irritations on the vagina.